Welcome to the Virtual Reality Exposure and Experiment Control Interface “CyberSession”

  • CyberSession enables the execution of confrontation exercises with anxiety-inducing virtual situations.

  • CyberSession is also a simulation program for empirical data collection with virtual reality, specialized in the field of experimental psychological research with VR.

  • Allows research with controlled scientific paradigms.

  • Enables scientific evaluation of virtual environments using head-mounted display and CAVE VR systems.

  • Successful use in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychosomatics, neurology, pharmacological effectiveness and security research.

  • CyberSession was developed until 2010 at the University of Würzburg (Chair of Clinical Psychology, Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy) and has since been further developed by VTplus GmbH and distributed in combination with highly integrated VR simulation systems for individual applications.

Exposure exercises using virtual reality

Fear Of Heights
Animal Phobia – Birds
Fear Of Speaking In Public
Fear Of Flying
Animal Phobia – Spiders
Social Phobia – Office Situation

Empirical research using virtual reality

Research Projects
Anxiety Rresearch
Therapeutic Research
Safety Research
Neurophysiological Research
Experimental Research

Users of CyberSession